Felix Ast

Free. Happy. Me.

Fostering Happiness,
and the rest follows.

Felix Ast
You didn't ride the elephant?!

I can't believe you didn't ride an elephant!
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The Story of Being Me

To be honest with you, the younger Me never could have never even imagined to write one day. It was so far beyond my horizon, I did not even think about thinking about it. I always loved reading, but writing? No way, there was also not much to share. Or in other words: My life was boring.

The thing with life is, we cannot control or plan it. What we can do however, is to flow in it. And that is when the magic happens. Or rather that is when You can sense the magic, which happens all the time. It was almost like it knocked all the time on my door, calling me. Cowering behind the door was me, too shy to let it in, being afraid of it taking me out on a wild ride.

After a long time of hiding, the inevitable happened. It had to happen. My inner Being took control of my hand, took the door handle and pressed it down effortlessly and without any resistance: The mysterious door was open. Golden light illuminated everything, blinded me, overwhelming colours flew around, and I was flushed into the wide open world outside by the current of life.

But I was wrong, it is no wild ride; it is a ridiculously wild ride! Flowing in life, I just sense beauty everywhere - not because the world changed, but I did. And this beauty is too beautfiul to keep it for myself!

So no, I haven't always been a writer, life turned me into one. And with all the complications of everyday's life, I want to bring this spark in as many hearts as possible. Because you dont have to do anything extraordinary. Life happens here and now. Everyday.

Can you hear it?
Can you hear it knocking on your door?

Will you open it?

With love and the conviction
that you enjoy reading my stories
as much as I enjoy experiencing them!

The Wonders of Being You

Life does not have to be hard and I truly hope yours isn't. I hope you beam out of joy! Shall it be hard however and it just does not stop being hard, then we both know that it is time for a change. Yes, you want to get out of there. But probably nothing what you tried worked. Which should not surprise anyone. Why?

I mean, imagine a knot or the cable of your headphones once you get it out of your pocket (me oldschool!). Would you be able to open it blindly? If yes, then you either have a rare skill or you are the luckiest person alive. Most people however would struggle and just make it worse. The reason is quite simple, we need light in our lifes to see clearly and make the right choices. And if we cannot provide the light ourselves anymore, then we need help. And that place might be where you are now.

I know it because I was there. But not anymore. I am on the other side now, sharing light.
And what worked for me, can work for you aswell.
It became my Philosophy, with You at the center.

All it took for me was to be Me.
All it takes for you is to be You.

Which leaves only one question open:
How does Your you get there?